47 Queen Street Storage Units, Neerim South

Open weekdays from 8:00am to 5:30pm ; weekends from 10:00am to 5:00pm

3m X 3m = $90.00 Bond: $150.00

4.5m X 3m = $110.00 Bond: $175.00

6m X 3m = $140.00 Bond: $200.00

A Bond (as listed above), and a once off Admin Fee of $50 are required with your first months rent. All payable prior to commencement.

PLEASE NOTE: Our office does not have EFTPOS facilities, and we do not hold cash on the premises. Payments can be made at any Bendigo Bank, Direct Debit or Internet Banking.

BOND: The bond is held for the duration of your occupancy of a Storage Unit. When vacating, providing that the correct notice (7 days) has been given, rent has been paid up to date and there is no damage to the unit- the bond will be refunded in full.

LOCKS: You are required to provide your own padlock to secure your items in the Storage Units.

VACATING: Tenant must provide seven (7) days notice in writing to vacate their Storage Unit.

Apply now- click on the link below and fill in the form and return to us via;

Standard Self Storage Agreement

email: cpm@sallyjrealestate.com.au

person: 39 Smith Street, Warragul

Fax: 03 5623 4927